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Mediation or Arbitration

Mediation or Arbitration

working-togetherSome people go to a mediator before filing their family law case in efforts to come to a quick and affordable resolution of the issues.  Usually, though, a judge refers cases to mediation after a complaint has been filed and the parties indicate there are some disagreements on how to resolve the issues.

A mediator is usually a neutral attorney who is hired to see if she or he can get the parties to come to an agreement on some or all issues.  If you have an attorney, he or she will usually attend mediation with you and will send the mediator a summary of the issues beforehand.

Unless the parties agree, mediation is usually non-binding (meaning you are not forced to come to an agreement with the mediator and the mediator cannot decide what’s going to happen in your case without your agreement).

Arbitration is usually binding.  The parties and their attorneys present evidence and testimony and the arbitrator makes a binding ruling.

Mediation and Arbitration are less expensive and less formal options to a full-blown trial.  Talk you your advocate about your options with trying to resolve your case without a trial.

Victoria Suber has completed  domestic violence mediation training and is available to mediate your family law issue.   Her educational and professional background combined with her personable approach and creative problem solving skills allows her to understand the complex issues couples bring to her and help them work through their differences to come up with workable solutions for themselves and their families.


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