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Family Law Appeals

Family Law Appeals

Family law appeals are complicated.  You have the right to appeal some family law orders or divorce and other judgments, but there are restrictions and time is of the essence.  If you’re appealing from the circuit court (also called trial court), your case would go to the Michigan Court of Appeals (website The clock starts ticking as soon as the judge signs the order or judgment that you are thinking about appealing.  If you’ve already challenged your family law judgment or order in the Michigan Court of Appeals, you’re looking to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court (website

Like all appeals, family law appeals require the parties and their advocates to follow specific guidelines and court rules on when and how to appeal a final order from the lower court.   To access the appellate court rules that apply in family law appeals cases, follow this link: .

If you’re thinking about appealing a judge’s judgment of divorce, or order regarding child support, spousal support, custody or division of property, you want to contact an attorney as soon as possible so you’re sure not to miss any appeal filing deadlines.  If the judge in your divorce, custody or other family law case signs a judgment or order that you want to challenge, contact a family law appeals attorney right away.  Make an appointment for a strategy session as soon as possible so you have time to consider your options.  Make sure the attorney that you meet with tells you your deadlines.

The family law attorneys at Grosse Pointe Law Center are happy to answers your family law appeal questions.  Call or contact us through or website to set up a strategy session if you’re thinking about appealing a family law matter.  We work closely with skilled specialists to ensure you get the best representation possible for your family law appeal.  Evening and weekend appointments available.

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