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Domestic Violence & Personal Protection Orders

Domestic Violence & Personal Protection Orders

Domestic violence is a reality in far too many relationships.  If there’s been domestic violence in your relationship, it’s necessary to tell your attorney about the history.  It’s a factor that the court’s use when determining custody and parenting time.  It’s also a factor that the court can use to determine whether one party is at fault for the breakdown of the relationship and, if so, whether something other than a 50/50 split of assets or debt is appropriate.

If there is domestic violence, it might also be appropriate to file for a PPO, or personal protection order.   A PPO is a court order that prohibits one person from using violence against or threatening another.  The terms of the Order are set by the court and may include precluding someone from owning a firearm, appearing at your work, and other terms that are meant to protect you.

If your ex files a PPO against you, there are ways to fight it.  Seek counsel quickly after you’re served with a PPO.

Our attorneys understand how violence affects families.  In college, Heather’s involvement in research projects as part of her undergraduate degree focused on how domestic abuse affects children and families.  After graduating from law school, Heather was the senior staff attorney and the Women’s Justice Center, offering pro bono legal services to low-income domestic violence survivors in Wayne County.  And although much of her work has been in helping victims obtain PPOs and advocating for the victim, she has also sought termination or modification of PPOs on behalf of partners accused of domestic abuse.


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