The coronavirus, or COVID-19, affects how your divorce or custody case will be handled by the courts.  Family judges, referees and court staff are changing the way they hear and process family law cases right now.  Lawyers need to change how they advocating for their clients as well.

The staff at Grosse Pointe Law Center understands that not knowing what to expect right now is stressful.   Our lawyers and support staff are doing everything we can to stay informed about the changes in the family law courts’ processes and to pass that information along to you.

What We’re Doing

Everyone at our firm is committed to sharing the most up to date information available to our clients so that you can make informed decisions on how best to proceed.   We’ve been:

  • Constantly monitoring announcements from Michigan’s Supreme Court Administration Office and the Governor’s Office regarding best practices when concerns about COVID-19 exist;
  • Using regular updates from Wayne County Circuit Court, Wayne County Friend of the Court, Macomb County Circuit Court, and Macomb County Friend of the Court to ensure we’re current on that Family Law division’s evolving rules;
  • Ensuring we remain easily accessible to our clients, even off-hours;
  • Updating our law firm’s practices to allow for contactless meetings, document review and bill payment for our clients;
  • Maintaining regular contact with judges’ staff to ensure we’re using their courtroom’s preferred method of communication and document filing;
  • Requesting Zoom hearings as soon as possible so clients can finalize their divorces or receive court orders resolving custody and parenting time disputes;
  • Enlisting the help of trusted mediators help settle cases fairly instead of dealing with delayed hearings;
  • Innovating how we process and prepare our cases in the office, using up to date technology;
  • Continuing to use the State Bar of Michigan’s Family Law Section’s listserv to collaborate with divorce and family lawyers across the Michigan; and
  • Participating in weekly Zoom seminars for Michigan divorce and family law attorneys on issues like:
    • Handling Custody and Parenting Time Disputes
    • Child Support Issues/Change of Income Due to Changed Income
    • Filing Emergency Motions
    • Advocating for Clients via Zoom Hearings

Now more than ever, you can trust that our family law attorneys are giving your case the attention it deserves.  We’ll continue to stay current on how best to proceed given these changing times.

COVID Custody and Parenting Time Guidance

Many of our clients have contacted us about custody and parenting time issues related to COVID-19.  With limited access to courts right now, it’s important for parents do their best to come up with “good enough” solutions or agreements during these stressful times.

If you and your ex can’t agree on custody or parenting changes during the Coronavirus pandemic, the courts have instructed parents that they must follow the current parenting time schedules in their judgments or parenting time orders.

The lawyers at Grosse Pointe Law Center understand that an agreement isn’t always possible, especially with parents who don’t have the best co-parenting relationship to begin with.  We’ll continue to monitor directives from the courts.  Even during shut downs, we’re working with opposing counsel to negotiate agreements and remain available for virtual strategy sessions with our clients.

Courts have provided some guidelines for parents struggling during the Coronavirus.  They’ve created answers to FAQs, which can be accessed here:

We’re As Accessible As Ever

Our lawyers are still working.  If you have specific questions about your case, sending an email is the best way to get a hold of us.  We’ll return the message quickly and do what we can to come up with solutions that work for you and your family right now.