Grosse Pointe Law Center was launched in 2012 when founder Heather Bendure decided to create a boutique law firm dedicated to serving clients with divorce and other family law issues.  The firm, located in Grosse Pointe, represents people in Wayne and Macomb counties in their divorce, custody, child support, Friend of the Court or other family law cases.

Our Philosophy

Our motto is collaboratively whenever possible, aggressively whenever necessary.  It’s no secret that going to court is stressful.  It’s also expensive. If you can work out your differences with the other party and come to a fair agreement, you should.  If that’s not possible, our lawyers have the knowledge, the experience and the skill to effectively advocate for you in the courtroom.

Hear Us

Heather was recently a featured guest on Pearl Planning’s podcast.  Listen here for her thoughts on some financial issues women face during the divorce process. 

Meet Us

Heather Bendure, Esq.
Heather Bendure

Heather Bendure has practiced family law exclusively for the past thirteen years. She knows the law, knows the judges and mediators, knows most other family law attorneys in the area, and often has a good idea of how cases might play out given the cast of characters. Heather is a divorce lawyer who thinks well-informed clients should decide what’s best for them, their children and their families.  She offers compassionate guidance to help clients make good decisions.

Heather completed her training in collaborative law almost 20 years ago and has extensive mediation, arbitration and negotiation experience.  Before she founded her own firm, Heather was senior trial attorney at a local civil rights firm and feels at home in the courtroom.  She knows how to methodically and effectively develop, prepare and present a case for trial.  Heather appreciates the trust her clients put in her and believes customer service is just as important as effectiveness in the courtroom.

Even on hectic days, you can expect Heather to respond to most phone calls, e-mails and texts within a couple of hours.  Heather has been admitted to practice law in the United States Supreme Court, Michigan State Courts and the Federal District Courts for the both the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan.  She earned her J.D. from Wayne State University in 1999 and undergrad psychology degree at Michigan State University. You can learn more about Heather on LinkedIn or on AVVO.

Heather believes in giving back to her community.  She has been involved in many community-building projects in the Grosse Pointes and surrounding neighborhoods.  Heather was a founding member and president of Grosse Pointe’s Backyard Community Garden.  Finding so many friends and neighbors wanting to improve their communities, Heather formed the Facebook group Grosse Pointe Givers.  The group has grown to well over 1,000 members who volunteer their time and resources to various deserving neighbors and organization.  She also volunteers with Legal Aid and Defender Association to provide free divorce and family law legal services to those who can’t afford it.  LAD has recognized her dedicated pro bono advocacy work by presenting her with the Pangborn Pin.