Grosse Pointe Family Law and Divorce Lawyers

At Grosse Pointe Law Center, we understand that most of our clients have never stepped foot in the courtroom.  Our experienced and compassionate divorce and family law attorneys will guide you through the process, patiently answering questions and offering sound advice along the way.

A Boutique Law Firm

Grosse Pointe Law Center is not a high-volume, assembly line kind of firm.  We’re a boutique family law firm that uses big firm technology and provides big firm quality, but offers personal, friendly, small firm service.   We maintain a manageable caseload so you get personalized, accessible and responsive representation.  We’ll give your case the attention it deserves and make sure you’re always in the know about what’s going on with your divorce or family law case.

Practicing Family Law Exclusively

The lawyers at our firm don’t just dabble in family law matters – it’s all we do, day in and day out.  Because family law is all we do, we know it well.  Need to know more about how Wayne County Friend of the Court calculates child support?   Want to change your daughter’s school but your ex won’t agree?  Is your ex violating a court order or divorce judgment?  The training that we’ve received and our specialized focus ensures that you get the high-quality representation you’re looking for in any type of family law case.

Applying Our Client-Centered Approach

Without getting to know our clients and their situations, we really can’t advise which creative, workable solutions might be best for them and their families.  Our exceptional rapport with clients allows us to tailor results to what works for them, not what works for most.

To Advocate for Our Clients

Whether we’re representing clients in divorce, separation, custody, Friend of the Court or other family law matters, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to solving legal problems so that our clients can focus on their families.

While Maintaining the Utmost Discretion

You have to be able to trust your lawyer.  Many of our clients are from Grosse Pointe or the Grosse Pointe area.  No matter where you live, when you’re going through a divorce, custody dispute or other sensitive family law matter, every town seems like a small town.  We take client confidentiality seriously.  You can trust when you consult with lawyers at Grosse Pointe Law Center, nothing you’ve said to us will  be shared with anyone outside of our advocacy team.

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